Using the Cloud to Add ValueIt’s here: a revolutionary tool that makes businesses easier, cheaper, and faster. Your productivity will go up. Your workers can get work done from anywhere, including a plane with their phone. You don’t have to have ten terabyte hard drives or much of a hard drive at all; a magical, fantastic tool has come to save you from all of those things. This thing is called…the cloud.

Probably not exactly what you were expecting, and you’re probably thinking you’ve heard everything you could possibly want to about the cloud, but let’s look at it one more time and talk about what it can really do for your company.

The Cloud Makes Things Work

Your company probably works just fine without the cloud. Yes, it’s a little expensive to print all of that stuff every week, and it’s annoying when you go through a ream of paper a day because your editor just won’t stop with that red pen, but it’s doable. Plus, you like your old filing cabinet. It’s been with you for twenty years and the creaking that happens every week is so easily fixed with a little WD-40, what’s wrong with that?

Nothing – but the cloud does it all better. How much time have you wasted looking for a document when you could have just typed a word into a search bar and had everything at your fingertips? How many times have you lost a device, such as a laptop, to either a disaster or a thief and not had the ability to fish any of the work off of it? Probably at least one time too many. The cloud fixes this issue…entirely. This makes everything in your office more efficient. The cloud helps you work and get things done, which just translates to money. Lots of money.

When I Tried to Cloud, It Was Awful

This happens sometimes. People get bad experiences because they choose the wrong service for them. The cloud is really, really affordable and really, really simple (for those of us who don’t worry about designing or maintaining all of that data). Sometimes a company may overstep their boundaries a little and upsell a little too much, and we wind up with something way too big, expensive, and clunky for our businesses. Honestly, you’re probably better off starting out with a popular cloud service, like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. These are all very easy cloud services to control and they all have base services that are free. If you decide you need more, a local MSP can help you get more – but not too much.

So…How is Any of That Adding Value?

Productivity goes up, which means more profit. Complications and loss of data goes down, which means even more profit. The happiness of employees goes up because they can work remotely when they need to, which means even more productivity that, you guessed it…translates to even more money.

You can’t go wrong with the cloud, and there’s no reason not to add value to your business by investing in a cloud service today.

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